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Miracle - Queen Covers

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For almost two decades now, Miracle has been synonymous with unparalleled quality and professionalism when it comes to faithful reproduction of Queen music, the legendary and bombastic sound that everybody knows and loves.

While many Queen tribute bands concentrate on copying the visual aspects of a Queen show, Miracle has its own show and prefers to let the music do the talking, to be a true band instead of a visual comedy.

With the fabulous, Italian based, Jordan Trey on lead vocals, Rens de Hond, who toured extensively with 'We Will Rock You - The Musical', on guitar, Leon Padmos on keyboards and vocals, Bart 'Dus' Pellinkhof on bass guitar and Victor Louisa on drums and vocals, Miracle will turn any stage into a rock stadium and let you relive the glory days of the Queen age!

Additional Info

  • Podium: Podium 1 - Aannemingsbedrijf E.J. Bouwmeester
  • Datum: Zaterdag 30 juni
  • Tijd: 19:00
  • Genre: Blues - Rock



Promotiefilm Jazzfestival Hillegersberg

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